In The Beginning.

I have always been an approachable person that has always thought of others needs, I also thrive on being a busy person. I’m a person that wants to succeed in life with what ever I take on.

Some 55 years ago I was born in June to my parents John and Pam, In a small timber mill town of Yarloop. Being the first born was the happiest time of my parents life so they tell me. Well being the first born to any parent is a wonderful and joyous occasion.

I don’t say this because I thought I was better than my sibling brothers and sister, but to point out from the  experience that I and my wife Leanne had when our first child was born. A child that we have created together in marriage.

I Started my schooling in a country town of  Waroona which is in Western Australia a state of Australia. From there my parents moved South to a place called Capel and then to Bunbury where we still live to this day, not exactly in the same house but in the Bunbury region.

Step Back girls I’m married

I married to a local girl Leanne and have been married for 31 years, we have 29  and 267year old son’s and a beautiful daughter 22 year’s old.

From when I first started working after leaving school and traveling around Australia I have always had the passion to be self employed I have always  had a good work ethic and have been successful at business and what ever I have taken taken on.


I has always been a lover of Australian rules Football I have played the game, as well as coach and umpiring the sport for many years. I also love water sports and in particular skiing and fishing.

Whats happening now

These days I will be seen in the Real Estate industry doing what I love, generating business and keeping clients happy with what ever the need for there Real Estate .

I have found another passion now and that is the internet, I fins it a way of connecting with the rest of the world and in doing this I’m able to set up and run a business from home, where I can make a living from the internet.

I’m a honest and loving husband and father. I love having a good time and I love singing, I put this down to my Irish Heritage. But I’m as Aussie as they come I guess it is the Irish is in me.

Come and join me on my quest to freedom, maybe we we can be passionate together and fulfill our dreams at the same time.


Richard Colum

Western Australia