Moving? Should You Hire a Mover or Do a DIY Move?

Whether you’re moving from an Australian house or an apartment, it’s an exciting time. It’s also a bit daunting to imagine moving everything inside your home and putting it into a truck. Some people hire movers to do some or all of it for them and others call upon their family and friends to help them haul their belongings from their old home to their new one. Some Pros of Hiring a Mover: Hiring a moving company means you won’t have to worry about lifting heavy belongings. You are, in essence, paying for muscle so you can save your own […] Read more »

Make Sure You Buy the Right Rental Property

Are you in the market for a real estate property that will be used for rental income? If so, there are a lot of things to consider. Keep the following in mind: Location is important Carefully consider the type of rental unit Examine the pricing structure Plan ahead when determining a leasing structure Take time for tenant selection Rental Property Location: The location you choose will make a big impact on renting it out. Certain locations command more revenue and certain locations will attract specific types of renters. Are you looking to rent it out to students, to families, to […] Read more »

Considerations for Renting Out Your Property

If, for some reason, you have a piece of property that’s got potential to rent out, this could be a good idea. Renting your house out could pay the mortgage and then some.  Some Australian homeowners even rent their house to several people, arranging for student housing or making a home into a two family home as a duplex or with a basement apartment. Deciding to rent out your place is a personal decision but here are some tips that you should consider, when you do decide to rent out your property: Advertising Interviews Finances Lease Terms Maintenance How will […] Read more »

Having Trouble Selling Your Home? Here are Some Things to Check

Are you trying to sell your  house but are having some trouble? Here are some tips:   Check Your Price Is your house overpriced? Not only might people not be willing to pay for it but they might also have trouble getting approved for financing. A price reduction could not only get you more potential offers but could help generate some buzz.  Of course you don’t want to sell at a loss but the right price is important. Check Your Curb Appeal Have you done any staging for your home both inside and out? Staging can increase the results you […] Read more »

Will Australian Real Estate be Impacted with Melbourne De-throning Vancouver as World’s Most Liveable City?

Discerning real estate buyers don’t just look for a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms when buying a piece of real estate. They also look at the potential of the neighbourhood in terms of liveability and potential for financial gain in the future. In 2011, Melbourne Australia dethroned Vancouver (which had held top spot for several consecutive years) as the world’s most liveable city (according to the Economist).  The list is determined based on 39 different factors. Shouldn’t you look at your potential new home based on many factors as well? With four Australian cities  (Melbourne, score: 97.5, Sydney, score: […] Read more »

What’s on Your Australian Home Buying Wish List?

realty checklist wishlist

By sharing an extensive wish list for your new home with your Australian real estate agent, you can save you and your real estate agent time and effort and you can increase the chances of finding the perfect property  sooner than later. Here are some things you might want to consider as nice-to-have and some you’ll consider must-have items. Number of bedrooms – Take into account whether or not you’d like a guest room, would like to expand your family, etc. Number of bathrooms – Make note of whether it’s important to you to have a Master ensuite. Neighbourhood preference […] Read more »

Using Online Real Estate Auctions to Buy or Sell a Home

Many people are familiar with online real estate listings, but homes are also being bought and sold through online real estate auctions. A real estate auction is the same as any other product auction, except people are bidding on homes, commercial property, or large residential developments. The seller sets a reserve and bidders try to meet the reserve without going too much over the set amount. With an online real estate listing all a buyer can do is browse the different listings and decide what. With an online real estate auction, a buyer can actually register and bid on the […] Read more »

Using an Australian Real Estate Agent to Help You Downsize Your Home

You may be contemplating downsizing your current home and buying something smaller and more manageable. A number of different people find it necessary to downsize. Older couples like to downsize to a smaller home once all of the children move out. Other families find it necessary to downsize due to a job change that reduces the overall annual income. Whatever the reason, you will find it easier to downsize by using an Australian real estate agent to help you find a smaller home. Listing Your Home on the Market The first thing you need to do is list your current […] Read more »

Understanding the Australian Home Valuation Process

There are two basic types of Australian home valuations. One is the estimated valuation often provided by your real estate agent when you sell your property. The other is the professional estimate provided by a registered valuator who is hired to valuate your property before you sell to an interested buyer. While you can rely on an agent to give you a decent estimate, and list your house for that price, many buyers will only accept the professional valuation. If your agent overestimates, you may end up having to take a lot less than you first expected. If your agent […] Read more »

Types of Australian Homes

If you’re a new citizen of Australia who is looking for a new home, you may find yourself a bit confused by the local real estate listings. While most people know what a contemporary home is, Australian real estate agents use a variety of terms to describe the types of home available on the market. Some Australian homes are over 100 years old, while others are custom designed homes that have never been lived in before. Unless you know the terms that agents use to describe homes, you may end up looking at something historical when all you want is […] Read more »