What Help Can I Get if I’m Not Happy with My Real Estate Agent?

Are You Unhappy with your WA Real Estate Agent?

If you’re dealing with an Australian real estate and you’re really unhappy with the results, there are things you can do about this.  The legal system is designed to protect consumers!

Beyond complaining to a company or beyond sacking a real estate agent and hiring someone else, there are other things you can do when you feel that your transaction isn’t being handled properly or when you feel like you’ve been the victim of fraud. The Australian government has a set of standards for the real estate industry in order to protect consumers from real estate fraud and unethical practises. It’s vital that you deal with someone who is a licensed real estate agent and it’s important to deal with any problems that arise — for your protection and for accountability and the integrity of the industry in general.

WA Has Rules about Real Estate

Real estate agents are subject to standards, rules, and regulations and an overwhelming majority of them will act with professionalism and ethics at all times. That being said, it’s important to remember that the real estate agent generally works on behalf of a seller to help them sell a home and that’s where the agent earns their income. It’s important to ensure everything that’s important to you, whether you are a buyer or a seller, is in writing rather than just done via a verbal agreement.

The agent is in a position of power with people as their trusted advisor so if anything seems awry with a transaction, it’s prudent to do some investigating and, if warranted, lodge a complaint.

Filing a Complaint About a Real Estate Agent in Western Australia

If you feel like you’ve been a victim of real estate fraud or something smells like a scam to you, it’s important to act quickly. If a real estate agent has acted in a manner that’s not conducive to the guidelines for consumer protection, check out the Department of Commerce for further info.  There’s an advice line available at 1300 30 40 64  for info.  Want to know about the real estate code of conduct for Western Australia? Check http://reiwa.com.au/REIWA%20Public%20Documents/Code%20of%20Conduct%202011.pdf.

Check out other articles about WA real estate legal questions and issues by browsing some of our past posts This is not a legal website but we strive to do our best to help Australians get informed about their options in the area of WA real estate.

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