Tips for Buying a Brand New House in Western Australia

Are you trying to find the perfect Western Australia neighbourhood to live in and buy a brand new house you’ll be happy with? (This is a blog that is geared to Western Australia but this advice can apply to anyone who wants to live anywhere) Read on for some things to consider when searching for a brand new home and neighbourhood

Neighbourhood Selection Tips for Australian New Home Buyers

Buying a brand new home versus a resale definitely has its perks. Like the new car smell, the new home has a certain feel to it that can’t be beat. Not only do you get everything all fresh and new and clean but you get warranties and other perks as well. Many new home builders in Australia will offer great incentives to make you want to buy one of their homes. Look at some of the incentives offered:

  • Premium size lots
  • Upgraded fixtures and textiles
  • Extras, such as appliances
  • Paved driveways
  • Landscaping
  • Cash back
  • Finished basement
  • Etc…

Here are some things to consider:

Compare Upgrades and Incentives:

Some upgrades sound great but what are they worth? You might prefer the sound of one but in terms of monetary value, is something else worth more financially? Choose carefully and think beyond cosmetics.

Compare Offers and do New Home Builder Reviews

When comparing different offers, look into the reputation of the builder. Yes, there are laws in place to protect buyers but reputation if important and can mean the difference between being happy with your purchase and being ecstatic with it. Read builder reviews so you can find out who has a great reputation for quality and for putting things right when they’ve gone wrong. An offer might sound great but if you consider the builder putting the offer on, this could change things, slightly.

The Neighbourhood

A bit of research is in order if you’re not already set on a specific neighbourhood. Carefully consider your needs today and in the future. Things to look at include: schools, banks, transit, shopping, future plans for growth for the neighbourhood, pricing of surrounding neighbourhoods, and so on.


Buying in a new suburb early can have big perks. Some people buy before breaking ground happens and find that they’re able to lock in at a low price, often making it highly profitable before their closing date. It doesn’t always work this way but there can be great real estate investment opportunities out there!

Don’t hesitate to talk to a Western Australia real estate professional who can give you great advice in all the above areas!




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