Australian Real Estate – Tips for Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

There’s a big difference between okay and great realtors.

Finding a  great realtor can make the difference between selling your home fast and having it sit on the market until you either drop the price or give up on selling.  Having a great realtor can make the difference for buyers, too. The right agent can make the process of finding a new home, whether for an investment property or your new principal residence a fun and rewarding process rather than one of frustration. The right real estate agent for your needs should stand apart in a crowd.

Tips for Finding a Great Real Estate Agent:

  • Ask around. Family, friends, and co-workers have often sold or bought a home recently and can tell you about their experience with their real estate agent. If your agent knows you’ve come via a referral they often work really hard for you as well, knowing that their referral network and established reputation is vitally important to continue to maintain.
  • Look online in your desired area. You could search real estate agent Western Australia, for instance, which will help narrow down some of the popular real estate agents in your area.
  • Test drive someone’s customer service skills. That might sound funny but have a few discussions before you choose someone. Test out how quickly they respond to you, for instance. How fast a real estate agent returns your call can be a good indication of whether or not this person is too busy to take you on as a client and / or whether or not they’ve got the customer service skills you expect.
  • Ask about track record.  It’s important to know how much experience your real estate agent has. You don’t always have to have a 20+ year veteran but knowing about the experience level and coupling that with your impressions about the rep’s skills can help you make a sound decision.
  • Ask questions about the area and about real estate in Australia in general. Ask about the real estate agent’s plan for helping you. Assess the realtor’s knowledge about the industry so you’ll know if this might be the best person for you to deal with, particularly if you’ve got unique needs.
  • Look for a realtor that uses technology. This gives a distinct advantage. Do they publicise widely online where many buyers and sellers now go? Do they leverage great tools to help you find your dream property and / or to help you get great exposure so you can (if you’re a seller) sell fast?
  • Trust your gut instinct as you assess various real estate agents. Do talk to at least a few real estate agents so you can compare skills, knowledge, whether or not they have a support network in place to support your sale or home buying, and so on.

The right real estate agent can make a great difference in how successful you are with your real estate goals as well as how easy  and stress-free the process will be.


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