Having Trouble Selling Your Home? Here are Some Things to Check


Are you trying to sell your  house but are having some trouble?

Here are some tips:


Check Your Price

Is your house overpriced? Not only might people not be willing to pay for it but they might also have trouble getting approved for financing. A price reduction could not only get you more potential offers but could help generate some buzz.  Of course you don’t want to sell at a loss but the right price is important.

Check Your Curb Appeal

Have you done any staging for your home both inside and out? Staging can increase the results you get. If that’s not something that’s your strong suit, you might consider getting professional staging help. Hiring a professional house stager could be something you might want to do for help getting your home ready for showing. Little things can mean a lot. You might also want to stop and invest a little bit of money in paint and in landscaping that could help you.  Being neutral in décor  and cleanliness are both important. De-cluttering is important so that people can see their things in your space. Walk through your house and around your property with the eyes of a potential buyer. Would you buy the house? If not, what would you improve? A few minor upgrades could not only make a difference in selling versus not selling but you could also up the offers you receive, making minor investments pay off.

Check  Your Realtor

Is your real estate agent doing everything possible to help? You want someone responsive, professional, and who will market your property to the right potential buyers. If you’ve been with a real estate agent for a while who isn’t bringing you results, maybe it’s time to make a switch.

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