Is It Best to Purchase a New or Older Home?

When you’re in the market to purchase Australia real estate, you will need to choose between brand new construction and an older home.

Australia has a number of historical homes, everything from the Victorian era to Art Deco homes. The increase in Australian residents has also caused an explosion of brand new construction.

New construction has all the perks of never having been lived in, but older homes offer unique layouts and the history of a home can lend charm and character not found with newer homes.

The Benefits of Buying a New Australian Home

If you purchase directly from a builder, you can help design the layout and get exactly what you want. Some builders will have model homes that follow a particular layout, but most builders are willing to work with home buyers to make adjustments.

You may also be able to purchase a particular piece of land to build your house, insuring that you get the view you want or the desired location in the neighbour hood.

New construction is also brand new, so you don’t have to worry about old roofs or flooring that you may need to replace shortly after purchase. You will also have updated cabinetry and counter tops, which are things you may need to replace in an older home. T

he plumbing and air and heating systems will also be brand new and usually come with warranties. This guarantees that you will have recourse should anything go wrong shortly after moving into the home.

The Benefits of Buying an Older Home

With an older home, you may find that the cost is more affordable than a newer home. Historical homes are sometimes priced higher than new homes, but homes with no historical context are often cheaper than new construction.

Historical homes also have a character to them that can never be matched by a new home. Whether buying a Victorian era home or a post war house, your home will have a story behind it that will interest your friends and family.

You may also get more house for your money than buying newer construction. Depending on the age of the home, it may have undergone renovations that not only updated the home but gave it additional square footage.

You will also find that older homes have better landscaping because the trees and shrubs are mature. Newer subdivisions have to start with fresh plantings, which are small and underdeveloped. There are issues that crop up with both types of homes, but by understanding that each type has benefits can help make the buying decision easier.


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