Mobile Real Estate Resources – Get Informed on the Go

Do you use a smartphone? If you’re buying or selling your australian property, your smartphone could make things easier!

Information technology has made the world of real estate a better place. Online virtual tours can take you inside a property to view it without your having to leave the comfort of your computer. Mailing lists enable you to receive notifications of new listings that match your needs. The web is a major time saver and provides you with useful information, too.

You can find online real estate mortgage calculators and you can find real estate agents who serve the area you’re interested in. You can also find a countless array of blogs and websites dedicated to all things real estate, helping you be more informed about everything having to do with buying or selling. And thanks to mobile real estate technology, the world of usefulness is continually increasing. Check out a few of the advances in mobile real estate:

Smartphone and iPad Applications

A quick search of the phrase “real estate” on the iPhone app store brings up dozens of apps related to the real estate world. As an example, there are smartphone applications that you can turn on which allow you to drive through a neighbourhood and see local listings. This can help you find out how much a specific house is listed for as well as put you in direct contact with the realtor.

People can also subscribe to real estate resources on social media applications that are built into their smartphone along with calculators that can be added to their phone as well.

Mobile Technology for Real Estate Agents

Agents can use their phone for texting and phone calls and other areas of productivity , of course, but they can also subscribe to lead generation services where people can  opt in to hearing from them because they’ve texted a code on a house listing sign that puts them in direct contact with a realtor.

QR Codes & Real Estate

Have you seen those funny-looking codes all over the place that you can scan with your smartphone?  These phones can link you to webpages instantly, meaning that you can scan a code on a lawn sign or on a realtor’s business card to get information such as a detailed listing from outside a home, including taking you right into that virtual home tour, for example.

We’ve just started to scratch the surface with real estate technology, particularly mobile technology. It’s exciting times, folks! Subscribe to the Real Estate Colum Blog. We’ll explore technology in real estate and other issues that affect buyers, sellers, and investors in the future.






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