Room by Room Home Staging Advice

Are you looking to sell your Australian home? If so, you might be considering professional staging to help present your home in the best light possible. If you’d rather save a bit of money, perhaps you’d like to try doing some staging on your own. Read on for some tips that can help you present each room in your house in the best light possible, increasing the chance of selling your home fast and getting the sort of offer you’re hoping for.

Kitchen Staging

A clean and bright kitchen can help people envision their special family occasions happening there. If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen, staging is easily achievable, even if the décor and cabinetry aren’t totally modern.  Not only should the kitchen be bright, clean, and uncluttered, consider baking-scented potpourri or candles (cinnamon, cookies, etcetera) to help create a homey feel. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for cleanliness. The cleaner; the better! If people think the floor is clean enough to eat off of, this will place a tick on the pro side of the scale.


The bathroom is important to people. If there are several bathrooms in the home, fresh towels, matching shower curtain and bathmats, and an uncluttered look will help. If the bathroom has an odd-coloured tub, sink, or toilet and you’re not able to invest in an upgrade, consider styling it in a way that maximises the features. A 1970’s bathroom might be a turnoff for some but done right, it’ll look retro instead of outdated. It might be advantageous to do a bathroom makeover first.

Family Room

If a kitchen is the heart of the home a family room is the left ventricle. Comfortable seating, uncluttered, and fresh will help. Some houseplants and decorated sparsely enough that the prospective buyer can “see” themselves living in the room. Fresh and neutral colours and a nice window treatment can help. If the space isn’t large, consider using mirrors to make it appear bigger.


The master bedroom is meant to be an oasis for a homeowner so do your best to present it this way. A great bedding set with about a hundred (joking, but close to) throw pillows can make the bedroom look like the perfect place to end a long day. Calming and soothing colours, a light lavender scent (aromatherapy can have an impact on a room’s appeal)  and maximising the closet space will help. Buyers will look in the closets so organise them and make them as appealing as possible.


Is the front foyer of the home welcoming? This is where a first impression is made. Is there a place for shoes and coats? A mirror? A place for keys? Is it clean and impressive? Spend a bit of time and effort on this area as it will be what most people see first. If it’s not one of the best areas of the house, your realtor may even opt to show the areas of the home in a different order such as coming in a patio door after showing the back yard. Do your best with this area of the home as people will consider that the foyer is how they will welcome their guests, too.

Storage Areas  Closets

People consider storage when they are buying a home. Make sure that storage areas look ample and well-organised. Shelving in the basement and the garage, along with closet organisers can put a tick on the pro chart when someone is measuring your home’s appeal.

Outside Staging “Curb Appeal

Aim for nice landscaping, a spotless yard, and seating area. Consider creating a patio area, also known as an outdoor room. Outdoor rooms are definitely in style and can help your home have additional appeal.  Some seating, a barbecue, a fire pit, and some lighting can create a great outdoor space. You can even tie it all together with an outdoor area rug for your patio.


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