Tips for Getting a High Home Valuation

There are a number of reasons you may need to have a home valuation performed. One of the most common reasons is when you’re trying to sell your home and you or the buyer want to know what it’s worth. Other reasons include refinancing so you can use some of the equity of your home and wanting to know if your Australia investment property has risen in value. No matter which reason you’re having a valuation performed, there are some things you can do to help make the most of your valuation.

Complete Any Improvements Before the Valuation

If you’re in the middle of upgrading a room in your home, even if it’s just the flooring or cabinetry, wait until it’s finished before having a valuation. Some homeowners are so eager to find out what their home’s worth that they allow a valuation before improvements are completely finished. A valuator has to take into consideration any unfinished improvements and subtract some value from the home.

You may also want to make any improvements that you’ve been thinking about before having the valuation. If you’re selling, this isn’t as important. If you’re trying to refinance or increase the worth of an investment property, then you will want to complete desired improvements before having the valuation. For example, if you don’t currently have an outdoor entertainment area, you may want to add one before the valuation. This is one improvement that tends to add a lot of value without a high investment. All you need is a concrete or brick area outside that you designate as outdoor seating and you’ve increased the value of your home.

Declutter Your Home

Although professional home valuators use certain parameters to determine the value of your home, it’s understandable that some personal opinion falls into their valuation. It’s important that you declutter your home, clean up the yard, and make sure everything looks neat and tidy on the day of the valuation. You want to make the house look lived in, but not dirty or disorganized.

Pay Attention to Recent Sales

If you’re looking to do an Australia home refinance or have a property investment, it’s important to pay attention to recent sales. If the current real estate market is bad, you may want to hold off on an appraisal. However, if the recent sales of homes in your area have sold for high prices, you will want to take advantage of this by having a valuation done. One tool all valuators use is the prices of the most recent sales in an area. This can greatly impact the worth of your home. By keeping your home clean, taking advantage of recent high sales, and making improvements beforehand, you can improve your chances for increasing the sale price of your home.


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