Using an Australian Real Estate Agent to Help You Downsize Your Home

You may be contemplating downsizing your current home and buying something smaller and more manageable. A number of different people find it necessary to downsize. Older couples like to downsize to a smaller home once all of the children move out. Other families find it necessary to downsize due to a job change that reduces the overall annual income. Whatever the reason, you will find it easier to downsize by using an Australian real estate agent to help you find a smaller home.

Listing Your Home on the Market

The first thing you need to do is list your current home on the market. Your real estate agent can assess your home and make suggestions for things you can do to increase the possibility that your home will sell quickly. You can start by ridding your home of furniture and knick knacks that you won’t be taking to your new smaller home. This will not only give your home a cleaner look, but it helps speed up the packing process.

After you prepare the inside and get rid of clutter, you need to focus on the outside of your home. The landscaping can make a big difference in how quickly you sell your home and the price at which you sell. Larger homes usually have manicured lawns, but some homeowners don’t put a lot of focus on the landscaping. Your real estate agent can give you ideas and tips for preparing your landscaping before you sell your house in Australia.

Researching Smaller Homes

It’s easier to work with an agent when trying to find a smaller home rather than trying to find homes on your own. Agents have all of the listings at their fingertips, and you can provide your agent with a detailed list of exactly what you need in a smaller home. If you’re downsizing because a large home is too much to maintain, you’ll want to make sure that your agent shows you homes that are easy to clean with yards that won’t require extensive care.

You may be downsizing because your family has gotten smaller. You may want your agent to show you homes with only two bedrooms so that you have an extra room for visiting family. If you’re struggling financially, make sure you express to your agent that you need a home you can easily finance in an area where taxes aren’t too high. By giving your agent a detailed list, you guarantee that your agent shows you what you want and you buy the perfect smaller home in Australia.


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