Cosmetic Optimising Tips for Those Selling a Home

Cosmetic optimising Tips

cosmetic work realty tipsMost  realtors will tell you that cosmetic optimising and staging your home is important to impressing buyers and increasing your chances of closing on a contract. Sometimes  you’re lucky and are able to just rearrange furniture and place a few vases of flowers around the house to increase the comfortable feel and look of the living spaces. However, Aussie Realtors will tell you that some homes need a little more cosmetic work in order to make it more presentable. You can always opt to sell the house as-is and expect the buyers to remodel once they purchase the home. But you’re more likely to get a contract close to your asking price if the house is already in  move-in  condition that is pleasing to the eye.

Flooring and Paint

Two of the biggest possible eyesores in a home are the flooring and paint.  Since these two aspects of a home take up so much space, they’re the first  things people notice when they walk into a room. If the paint is chipping,
faded, or a color that most people wouldn’t find pleasing, you’re best bet is to repaint. Stick with neutral colors so that buyers can visualize their furnishing placed around the room. If the color is too bright or loud, the buyer immediately thinks about the work involved in repainting the house. While you don’t need fresh paint in every room, especially if you’ve just recently repainted an area of the home, it helps to have fresh paint in areas where the current color makes the room look small or dark.

Wood and tile floors usually go over well with buyers. Wood floors should  be buffed out and waxed before buyers start looking at the home. Tile can be regrouted to spruce it up or given a nice clean shine. Carpet is a popular flooring choice, so just make sure your existing carpet isn’t badly stained, trodden, or snared. It’s best to replace any carpet that decreases the overall  look of a room.

Lighting and Fans

The styles of light systems and fans change with time. If your home has an outdated lighting style, consider upgrading the more noticeable light systems with something more modern. This usually works well in the kitchen and  bathrooms. If fans are installed in the home, make sure they match the rest  of the home. If they are an older style fan, consider upgrading and adding  attractive fan pulls and lights.

Some buyers will be wary of excessive curb appeal but while these cosmetic attributes may seem like small things to fix, they can impact how a qualified Australian home buyer views your home  and how quickly they consider making a purchase— hopefully for your asking price.

Good luck and i hope you get a good price.


Richard Colum

Western Australia.


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