How You Can Take Advantage of Corporate Housing in Australia

International business people frequently travel to the larger cities in Australia to conduct business and close deals. For some of them, a business deal in Australia can take weeks or even months. Hotel rooms are usually paid for by the company, but they don’t provide the luxuries of home and can get rather stifling after a while. And for business travelers who will be having extended stays in Australia, being able to unwind in a home-like environment is both appealing and satisfying. If you’ve been wanting to make an investment but weren’t sure which avenue to take, talk with a local real estate agent about investing in an apartment building or purchasing a couple of smaller homes and offering them as corporate accommodations.

What Are Corporate Accomodations?

Corporate homes are those that exist to provide residence to business travelers and clients of corporations. The business pays you for the accommodations rather than spending money on a hotel. Many people who handle corporate housing invest in a few apartment units in different cities. But there are also investors who purchase smaller homes, fix them up and redecorate, and offer those to businesses. The housing supplies all of the necessities, including but not limited to linens, entertainment, cookware, all condiments, phone and Internet service, and minor cleaning services. Supplied items are usually top of the line and you are usually available to your renters if they need you.

The accommodations are also equipped so that clients and business people can hold a party or meeting at the residence. Some investors purposely choose a residence that has a pool or is part of a community that offers a pool, tennis court, and other outside entertainment. Washer and dryers are commonplace in corporate housing, as is the option to have a housecleaner visit the residence during a rental period.

How to Choose the Right Australian Real Estate

Depending on how much you have to invest determines which type of housing you should purchase. If you’re investing on behalf of a large business, you may be able to rent apartments in various cities. If you’re an individual investor, you may want to purchase a small Australian vacation home and then rent it out as corporate housing when you’re not living there. No matter which type of accommodation you choose to invest in, talk with a local real estate agent about your intentions and get ideas for investing wisely.


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  1. Christopher says:

    Corporate housing is attractive since the rents are much higher and you know you will be getting a great tenant and possibly long term lease. There are many advantages for targeting the corporate world of real estate.

  2. Investing in corporate housing isn’t an area I’ve previously looked at. It seems to make a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining it.

  3. Rosie says:

    I would like to know what channels I should be looking at if I want to offer my properties to corporates. Please help. Thanks.

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