6 Real Estate Internet Marketing Tips

internet marketing checklistDo you have a piece of Australian real estate you want to sell? Whether you’re getting help from a real estate agent or not, you can help get the property sold through some successful real estate internet marketing methods. Here are some real estate marketing tips:

  1. If you hire an agent to help (the commission payment you have to pay could be well worth the ability to sell faster and get the maximum offer possible), choose carefully. Work with a savvy real estate agent who leverages the power of the internet for selling real estate. Consider use of the web as a must when you choose a real estate agent to deal with as it can make a big difference. That agent will have many internet marketing strategies up his or her sleeve.
  2. Offer a virtual tour of the property online. Virtual tours of real estate properties are known to increase the chances of selling your home. People will often look on their mobile phone at apps that share real estate listings as well as on websites. Pictures are great but video is even better because it can help increase appointment request and prospective buyer interest.
  3. Social media can be really helpful in promoting a piece of property for sale, too. Post a link to your real estate listing on your Facebook account, your Twitter account, or any other social media site you use. Your link could get seen by an interested buyer.
  4. Use free online classified sites to promote your property as well. A lot of people who are searching for a property will look on free classified sites to find out about potential properties.
  5. If you’re selling without a real estate agent, consider joining as many free real estate listing websites as you can. Some require a fee but that additional exposure could be what helps you sell your property.
  6. Put an ad on your local newspaper’s website as well as any local online and print real estate publications. Ads can be very inexpensive and help you get your property seen by more interested buyers.

Another tip: Do some de-cluttering and staging so that the people who come to the property see it in the best light possible. Read this article to help: Room by room staging advice.




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