Isn’t life Grand in Home Buying

The interest rates goes up again for the home buyer and business operator, the tax goes up for the mining industry who support the work force what next Mr Rudd. I reckon you won’t be sitting in that sit for too much longer, you suppose to be there for the working man but those days seem to have gone. It looks like a bit of Robin Hood and his merry men steeling from the rich and giving back to the coffers for all the insulation stuff ups that they have caused. 👿

After watching a report last night on TV it appears that Australia is the country with the highest interest rate. Maybe because of that we managed to come out of the economic crisis better than any other Country, (May be).

At least when we were under a Liberal government they were able to keep us in a way better position financially than what you have managed to do Mr Rudd.

I wonder what it would have been like if the liberals had have won office in Australia at the last election and then faced up to the economic crisis, unfortunately that is all history now and we have to live with what we have got today.  It does give me reason to wonder though. What about you ? Comments from outside the country are welcome too would love to hear from you

I mean to say here we are we had low interest rates for what 9 months, before they started going up again. Our reserve bank use’s the excuse that the cities around Australia have risen in price by 15% in the west to and up to around 25% in the east in the cities. I wonder where they got those figure from because in the country areas it is a much more different story.

Ask any real estate company in the country area and regional rural farming areas what they think,  I can tell you that it is a complete different story. It seems that the people in the country have to wear the success of the property sales in the city areas by giving them an interest rate rise.

Any how you can see that I ‘m a bit upset by what is happening in Australia at the moment, I only hope that the reserve bank and Mr Rudd know what they are doing because it does not look to fair to me.

Sorry for  loosing it  here folks but this has got at me, Our young people and people on low incomes deserve a better go. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. Your comments and feed back would be greatly appreciated to help ease the mind in some way.


Richard Colum

Western Australia.

Have a great and outstanding day 😆


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  1. Dana Prince says:

    People definitely need to realise that they do have the power to de-throne people that don’t work in the best interests of the country. In Canada, a lot of people complain about interest rates and taxes, etc but do little to nothing to change it—including not “firing” the government officials who continually break promises. The government definitely oversteps boundaries in attempting to govern in way too many aspects of our lives.

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