The Monopoly-Like Guide to Property Investing


The game of Monopoly

Investing in property is usually a good idea. Look at the board game Monopoly, for instance. The way to win the game and become filthy rich is to buy up as much property as you can and start putting hotels on it. Of course we know that good-playing skills doesn’t make you a great property investor by default but you can see where it might make sense to do some investing.

Property becomes more valuable as time goes on. Building up the value of that piece of land with buildings can start to bring you in a passive income, especially once the property is fully paid off. The right neighbourhood and you could have a gold mine that is coveted by others who are willing to pay a handsome amount to buy it from you.

Have you won in Monopoly

Not everyone wins at Monopoly, though. An inexperienced player invests in the wrong neighborhood runs out of money by the time they land on Boardwalk. That’s why it’s a good idea to gain a full understanding of the world of property investing before delving in.

Learning how to play the game can feel like you’ve landed on “Free Parking” with loads of money flowing your way. Otherwise, you could have to mortgage all those properties and sink into an abyss of debt while watching others around you prosper.

How do you choose the right time, the right place, and the right type of investment? Learn as much as you can. You’ll find books, blogs, e-books, and courses about property investing strategies that are designed to help you make the wise decisions that will allow you to build up your portfolio into something profitable.

It is not a bad gamble

Real estate can be a gamble. It’s never a sure thing. But, making educated decisions can minimize your risk of loss and maximize your earning potential. But I know where I wold prefer to invest my money, yes that’s right Real Estate.

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Regards Richard Colum

Western Australia


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  1. Rita Pepper says:

    Hi Richard,
    Our best investment was in 2000 we brought a home at the high end of the market at the time owners were desperate to get out so we got it for under $200,000 lived in it for 7 years sold it for enough to buy outright our next property with a little cash left over.

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