Moving? Should You Hire a Mover or Do a DIY Move?

Whether you’re moving from an Australian house or an apartment, it’s an exciting time. It’s also a bit daunting to imagine moving everything inside your home and putting it into a truck. Some people hire movers to do some or all of it for them and others call upon their family and friends to help them haul their belongings from their old home to their new one.

Some Pros of Hiring a Mover:

  • Hiring a moving company means you won’t have to worry about lifting heavy belongings. You are, in essence, paying for muscle so you can save your own back from moving heavy furniture.
  • A moving company comes with a truck large enough to fit your belongings. The mover generally does a visit to take an estimate that can help them figure out what size truck you’ll need. This saves you from renting something that’s too large, from having to drive a large truck you’re not familiar with, and from having to make multiple trips because you assumed wrong or didn’t pack tightly enough to accommodate the move in a single trip.
  • Movers have insurance (be sure the mover you hire does!). This means that if anything is damaged, you’ll be able to receive the replacement value.
  • Some movers offer packing services, reducing your own headaches with packing (especially with valuables) and this can help ensure your items arrive damage-free.
  • Leaving the moving to someone else can dramatically reduce the stress.

Some Potential Cons of Hiring a Mover:

  • Cost. Costs vary, depending on the amount of goods you have to move, whether or not you use their packing services, and the distance between your old house and your new house.
  • Waiting. Some moving companies, especially during peak times, could leave you waiting as they’re making multiple deliveries.

Be sure to carefully look into the reputation of the moving company you choose to deal with. You’ll find online reviews and may want to check their name via Google to see if the company comes up with any negative reports.

Some Pros and Cons of DIY Moving to Consider:

If you decide to move on your own, you’ve got a lot of things to sort. You’ll have to hire a truck, organise friends and family to do the lifting, and you’ll have to arrange things on the truck in a way that allows them to fit and enables you to stack in a way that protects your goods. You’ll save money this way but you are going to be risking breakage.

Tips: If moving on your own, limit the job to just a select few. It can be tempting to have 20 people, thinking that more hands means light work but if things aren’t carefully coordinated you could wind up with a lot of damaged items and confusion. You’ll also want one bag with essential items to keep with you. These items could include paperwork, keys, a few tools, and other items you’ll need immediately upon arrival at the new home.

Regardless of whether you move your home on your own or hire a professional moving company, when moving your home, pack carefully, label everything, and organise things for maximum productivity and minimal breakage. If you need help finding a professional mover, consider talking to your real estate agent, who can likely make suggestions.  Before moving, it’s wise to go through your belongings to see if you can avoid taking things with you that you no longer need.  Consider a yard sale, selling items through eBay, and/or giving things away so that you don’t have to pay to move clutter and  / or simply take up space at your new residence. If you’ve not yet listed your home for sale and are in the early stages of considering a move, it could be a great idea to de-clutter your space before you even begin the process.


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