Questions to Ask Your Realtor when Buying or Selling a Home in Western Australia

So you’ve decided to buy or sell a home in Western Australia but aren’t sure what to ask your real estate agent. There are certain questions you need to ask before signing any contracts, and each set of questions is different depending on whether you’re buying or selling.

Questions to Ask as a Seller

Before you choose a Western Australia real estate agent, create a checklist of questions. This way you know that all of your questions are answered, and if you speak with more than one real estate agent you can ask them both the same questions. Here are some questions you should ask the selling agent before signing a contract:

  • Which type of selling agreement does the agent suggest you use for your house?
  • If signing an exclusive agreement, is the commission fee negotiable?
  • What is the average commission charge for finding a buyer for your home?
  • How and when will the agent begin marketing your home to the public? Will they use newspaper ads, magazine ads, Internet ads, and other means to market the home?
  • What fees will be expected upon the closing?
  • Is there anything you can do to your home before it goes on the market to help increase the asking price?
  • What happens if you locate a buyer for the property before the agent does?
  • How long will you have to pack up once a buyer is located and the contracts signed?
  • How long will the closing take?


As you meet with Australia’s real estate agents, you will probably think of more questions. But this is a good jumping off point, especially if your first conversation is over the phone rather than in person.

Questions to Ask as a Buyer

When buying a home in Australia, your questions mostly center on the actual house you want to buy. But there are some questions you should ask the real estate agent before signing any contracts. If you’ve commissioned a buyer’s agent to help you locate a home, you want to make sure you understand those terms, too.

  • How long has the home been on the market?
  • When can you view an inspection of the home?
  • Is the seller willing to cover any of the closing costs or cover any repair costs found during the inspection?
  • What fees will you be expected to pay upon closing?
  • If buying in a suburb, are there any restrictions or guidelines you must follow?


As a buyer, you depend upon your agent to find answers to the most common questions. But it doesn’t hurt to have a small checklist of things you want to know, just to make sure all of your questions are answered.


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