Taking Advantage of Video Marketing When Selling Your Australian Home

Australian real estateWith the real estate industry being a competitive market all over the world, more real estate agents are trying to come up with innovative ways to help buyers and sellers reach their goals. One of the ways Australian real estate agents are trying to reach clients is by offering video marketing.


Traditionally, when you sold a home a few photos were taken and put into a home selling catalog and on an agent’s website. Only people familiar with the real estate publication or your agent’s website would actually see your listing. With video sharing websites growing in popularity, agents have gone from the traditional photo marketing to full-blown video marketing.


Ways that Agents Effectively Market Your Home for Sale Using Video

You may be wondering how real estate video marketing will help you sell your home. Since video sharing websites allow videos to go viral in a matter of minutes, your agent can reach more potential buyers than the traditional homes for sale catalogue. Buyers that are interested in looking at Australian real estate will type related words into the search bar of a video sharing site and all related videos will show. Buyers that may not have seen your local ad before will now get to see video of your property.

Agents are also more creative with video marketing than print marketing, and that’s because video allows agents to show their personality and professionalism, which helps draw in potential buyers. Agents know that buyers don’t want to be shown a commercial, so they use slideshow techniques and video effects to create innovative marketing messages that not only showcase your property but garner interest from the buyer.

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Video Marketing

In order for your Australian property to market well on video, you must prepare your home and the property for the video. You need to make sure that your home and yard are impeccable. Things that may not show up in a photograph will definitely show up in a video. You need to clear clutter, organize the furniture so the rooms look spacious, clean up any landscaping, and fix any noticeable cosmetic damage.

When preparing for the agent to come create your video, make sure they come when it’s bright outside and there are no shadows cast on your house, making it look darker than it is. Your agent will probably have plenty of experience shooting a good marketing video, but you can always recommend using a professional videographer if you aren’t confident with the video shot by your agent.

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