Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home Before Your Sale

Planning on selling your home? Perhaps  some de-cluttering is in order. Not only will it help you present your home in the best light possible (potential buyers will look in every nook and cranny of your house so hiding the clutter isn’t a good idea) but it’ll also be better for you when you move to your new home, too.

Room By Room De-clutter

Begin tackling one room at a time. Start by removing things that don’t need to be there. How do you know if the item should be moved? Will you use it in that room in the next thirty days? If not, perhaps it can be moved. What you’re moving can either be put in storage or gotten rid of (through selling, donating, or by putting it in the garbage). It’s a good idea to have a staging area where you can move things to.

From there, you can sort into four areas:

  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Trash
  • Storage

Over time, most people accumulate stuff. A good portion of this ‘stuff’ is just taking up space.  Instead of hiding everything in closets, a spare room, the garage or the attic, why not figure out what you really don’t need any longer. You could make some money selling it, pass heirlooms and antiques onto children now so you can see them enjoy it, and you can enjoy the great feeling of getting your house in order and having not only a better result with potential buyers but fewer things to transport when you move to your new place.

Install Storage Organising Accessories

Storage is something that can be both good and bad. Even minimalists typically need a space to put their out-of-season clothes, holiday decorations, and assorted mementos. There are great storage systems that can help you keep things looking organised and make it easier for you to find things when you do happen to need them. A small investment could make a big difference. And if your storage needs to be on your property, installing a storage system that helps you organise closets, the garage, the basement, etc. will be an additional selling point to potential buyers who will look at the home and see how it will help them minimise their own clutter!

The home organiser field is a growing one in Australia. You might think that the job of getting your home de-cluttered is too big a job to handle on your own, especially if you’re in a hurry to get your house listed for sale. There are professional organisers who can not only help you get the home in order but they can also assist with staging to help you present your home to potential buyers in the ideal light. Organising and de-cluttering might seem like a big job but the rewards you could reap could include selling your home, getting a better profit from it, and having the light-as-air feeling of getting everything orrganised and tidy.

Photo: Amy Burton



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