Tips for Making a Small Home Look Bigger When Selling

Tips for Making a Small Home Look Bigger

If you’re trying to sell a small home, you may feel hesitant about the best way to showcase your home to potential buyers. A major renovation is probably out of the question and hiring an interior designer may not be in your budget. Your real estate agent can give you some ideas for making your home look bigger both inside and out in a way that impresses potential buyers and possibly quickens the sale of your house. Many tactics can be inexpensive and just require a little rearranging or brightening up a dark area.

Rearrange the Living Room

In most homes, the living room is the first area a prospective buyer sees. It’s the room that makes the first impression, and you want it to make a good one so that buyers look at the rest of your home with a positive attitude. Paint is the first place to start if your living room is dark. A neutral beige type color will make the space look bigger and should match your current decor. Natural light also makes a room look bigger, so make sure you open your curtains when showing your home so that buyers are looking at a brightly lit room.

Remove all clutter before showing your home. This includes anything you have sitting on the floor. You want to have as much open space as possible. If you have potted plants, stacks of books or magazines, or random pieces of furniture scattered around, move the smaller items onto a shelf or counter and store the extra stuff. If you can change the shape of your furniture into an “L” shape, it increases the fluidity through which people can walk around the room.

Increase Space in the Bedrooms and Bathrooms

When rearranging the bedrooms, remove unnecessary pieces of furniture. Make the bed the center of attention with comfortable looking sheets and blankets in light colors. If the room is dark, use a floor lamp to create additional lighting and brighten the room. Invest in closet organizers if your closets are cluttered or small. A shoe rack or over the door organizer will increase floor space and give the impression of a larger closet. Also, make sure your clothes are hung neatly and not jutting out in different directions.

The easiest ways to make a bathroom look bigger is to use light colors for the carpets and accessories. Use mirrors to give the illusion of more space, and place a larger bathroom rug in the center of the floor rather than smaller rugs scattered on the floor.

Landscaping to Increase Space

Small homes usually have small yards. To increase the overall feeling of space, make sure the yard is free of debris and not too cluttered with trees and shrubs. Prune any trees that will stay in the yard, rake leaves, and remove any hedges or plantings that cover up characteristics of the house. If you have any trees or plantings that cover the windows, transplant or remove them to allow more light into the house and show off the home’s features.

If your yard has no landscaping, consider planting a few brightly colored flowering plants to improve the aesthetic of your home and impress buyers. While you don’t need to do anything to the appearance of your home, you can greatly improve your chances of selling quickly by increasing the impression of space.

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