What’s on Your Australian Home Buying Wish List?

realty checklist wishlistBy sharing an extensive wish list for your new home with your Australian real estate agent, you can save you and your real estate agent time and effort and you can increase the chances of finding the perfect property  sooner than later. Here are some things you might want to consider as nice-to-have and some you’ll consider must-have items.

  • Number of bedrooms – Take into account whether or not you’d like a guest room, would like to expand your family, etc.
  • Number of bathrooms – Make note of whether it’s important to you to have a Master ensuite.
  • Neighbourhood preference
  • Nearby amenities – schools, public transportation, shopping, etc.
  • Extras (indoor pool, waterfront property, etc.)
  • Landscaping – If buying a new home, having established landscaping is less likely.
  • Lot size and Lot style.
  • Type of heating and cooling system – Heating is an important consideration for many.
  • Approximate age of home (if an issue. You might not have a preference)
  • Number of storeys desired.
  • Architectural Style Preference? (i.e.: contemporary, Victorian, post-war, pre-colonial) Learn more about Australian home styles)
  • Garage preferences – Double garage, entry to the house, etc.
  • Fireplace – Type and location (if important to you)
  • In law suite – Want the potential for in-laws or for rental income?
  • Technology – Is the home in an area ready with high speed internet. What kind of technology for cable and internet are in a specific area.
  • Price range – This is generally obvious for most people but be sure you’re totally honest with your real estate agent about what you’re willing to spend. It will make his or her job much easier.

This is not an exhaustive list, of course, but contains some items you’ll want to think about. Don’t forget to plan for the future if you’re planning to live in the home for more than five years.  Sit down and think about what’s really important in your home buying process. The more information you consider and supply your real estate agent with, the better chances he or she will find your perfect match and minimise wasted time for everyone involved.


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