Buy Property in Australia from Overseas Series Part 6: Negotiating the Best Terms

Welcome to part 6 of our Buy Property in Australia from Overseas Series. This week will look at real estate negotiations. (To start at the beginning of the series, read Part 1: Real Estate Industry Professionals Foreign Investors Should Deal With) A buyer of real estate is left with the burden of negotiating the best price. With foreign investments in Australian property, there are only so many types of property you will be approved to purchase by the Australian government. This can make negotiating a little tricky since developers often like to get the price they set on a newly […] Read more »

Thinking About Buying Australian Foreclosure Properties? Read This First

repossessed homes

It’s an unfortunate reality that people can lose their homes because they can’t afford to pay their mortgage. Sometimes it happens because of job loss or other financial trouble. Other times, it was doomed from the start because someone purchased a home outside of their means. The right preparation for home ownership and the mortgage are both important. You need to carefully consider how much house you can afford and shop around for the best interest rates possible so you don’t wind up with your house on auction due to foreclosure. This sounds rudimentary, of course, but you might be […] Read more »

Thinking About Property Investing in Australian Real Estate? Read This First

Are you ready to diversify your portfolio and think that now could be a really great time to invest in Australia real estate? Anyone considering making the move into a new investment area should do a lot of homework, first.  This is especially true with something as expensive as property! Real estate can be a great investment. It typically (although not always very quickly) increases in value and because it can be lived in while it’s increasing in value you can either make use of it yourself or use it as an income property. Many wannabe property investors take the […] Read more »

Room by Room Home Staging Advice

Are you looking to sell your Australian home? If so, you might be considering professional staging to help present your home in the best light possible. If you’d rather save a bit of money, perhaps you’d like to try doing some staging on your own. Read on for some tips that can help you present each room in your house in the best light possible, increasing the chance of selling your home fast and getting the sort of offer you’re hoping for. Kitchen Staging A clean and bright kitchen can help people envision their special family occasions happening there. If […] Read more »

Australian Real Estate – Tips for Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

There’s a big difference between okay and great realtors. Finding a  great realtor can make the difference between selling your home fast and having it sit on the market until you either drop the price or give up on selling.  Having a great realtor can make the difference for buyers, too. The right agent can make the process of finding a new home, whether for an investment property or your new principal residence a fun and rewarding process rather than one of frustration. The right real estate agent for your needs should stand apart in a crowd. Tips for Finding […] Read more »

Tips and Ideas for Preparing to Move

So you’ve finally found the perfect family home in Australia and it’s time to pack up all of your belongings and prepare for your move. Whether you’re planning for a move to Australia or just moving from one state to another, the moving process can be stressful. You can reduce stress and streamline the moving process by following some simple tips and ideas. Create a List Start by creating a list of everything you need to do. It’s best to create this list in chronological order so that you can check it off as you go. Some ideas for a […] Read more »

Taking the Best Photos of Your Australian Property

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, but most property buyers want to see more than just one picture. That’s why it’s important that you work with your Australian real estate agent to take the best pictures of your property as possible. Not every agent will stress the importance of photo marketing or provide you with tips and techniques to make sure your property photographs well. Depending on how the agent works, whether they send out a photographer they work with or take the pictures themselves, it’s up to you to make sure your property is […] Read more »

Choosing Whether to Rent or Buy an Australian Home

If you’re moving to Australia or simply moving to a new part of Australia, you may be struggling on whether or not to rent or buy an Australian home. Figuring out which choice to make depends upon your situation and whether or not you can afford to purchase a home that meets your needs. Renting may be cheaper in the beginning but cost you more money in the long run. Buying may seem ideal, but not if you don’t plan on staying too long. Here are some points to consider when choosing whether to rent or buy. How Long Will […] Read more »

Why It’s Important to Use an Australian Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re buying or selling Australia real estate, it’s important to work with an experienced real estate agent. Many sellers think that they can sell their home by owner, but there are a number of things that a real estate agent brings to the table that you can’t get without their help. Sure, you may have to pay a commission or agent fees when buying or selling, but many people find that working with an agent is less time consuming and stressful than trying to sell by owner. Agents Know the Current Laws and Contracts Needed There are a number […] Read more »

Is It Best to Purchase a New or Older Home?

When you’re in the market to purchase Australia real estate, you will need to choose between brand new construction and an older home. Australia has a number of historical homes, everything from the Victorian era to Art Deco homes. The increase in Australian residents has also caused an explosion of brand new construction. New construction has all the perks of never having been lived in, but older homes offer unique layouts and the history of a home can lend charm and character not found with newer homes. The Benefits of Buying a New Australian Home If you purchase directly from […] Read more »