Creating Addendums for Pets when Renting Out Your Property


Australian real estate agents know that the biggest benefit property owners get from rental property is the added income. But with rental properties abound all over Australia, investors find that they need to stay competitive in order to always have a renter willing to let the property. Your real estate agent can give you some ideas for appealing to renters, but there is one way to stay competitive in the Australian rental market, and that’s by allowing pets. Many renters don’t allow pets on their rental properties because they fear that the animal will destroy the yard, the interiors, or […] Read more »

Taking Advantage of Video Marketing When Selling Your Australian Home

Australian real estate

With the real estate industry being a competitive market all over the world, more real estate agents are trying to come up with innovative ways to help buyers and sellers reach their goals. One of the ways Australian real estate agents are trying to reach clients is by offering video marketing.   Traditionally, when you sold a home a few photos were taken and put into a home selling catalog and on an agent’s website. Only people familiar with the real estate publication or your agent’s website would actually see your listing. With video sharing websites growing in popularity, agents […] Read more »